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operational amplifier database

Op Amp Selector 2012

- only $12 -

Save time and effort in finding the right op amp for your active filtering needs.

The Op Amp Selector Windows application incorporates an up to date database of over 500 voltage feedback operational amplifiers, each of which has been indicated by the manufacturer as being suitable for use in active filtering.

In most cases the op amp's datasheet lists active filters or active filtering in its Applications section, while in a few cases the part is mentioned as being suitable for filtering in a manufacturer's application note.
op amp selector database

Manufacturers List

Op Amp Selector 2012 contains operational amplifier data from the following manufacturers:

  • Advanced Linear Devices
  • Analog Devices
  • Intersil
  • Maxim
  • MicroChip
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Texas Instruments

Op Amp Packages

Op amp packages are categorised as follows:
  • DIP
  • TO-X
  • SOIC
  • SON
  • SO-73
  • SOT-23
  • SO
  • FN (eg QFN, TDFN)

Rail to Rail Input or Output

Rail to Rail capabilities are listed as:

  • not available (no R-R)
  • RRO (Rail-Rail Output
  • RRIO (Rail-Rail Input and Output)

Op Amps per Package

Checkboxes allow for the selection of any or all of 1, 2, 3, or 4 op amps per package

Other Search Parameters

The following search parameters are optional:

  • minimum Gain BandWidth (GBW)
  • minimum Slew Rate (SR)
  • minimum supply voltage
  • maximum supply current (quiescent, per amp)
  • maximum noise voltage
  • maximum offset voltage
  • maximum input bias current

Included Advanced Linear Devices Operational Amplifiers

ALD1701 ALD2711
ALD1704 ALD4702
ALD1702 ALD4701
ALD1706 ALD4704
ALD2702 ALD4706
ALD2701 ALD1726
ALD2704 ALD1721
ALD2706 ALD1712

Included Analog Devices Operational Amplifiers

AD549 AD8519 AD8674
AD712 AD8529 AD8677
AD713 AD8531 AD8682
AD795 AD8532 AD8684
AD817 AD8534 AD8691
AD826 AD8541 AD8692
AD820 AD8542 AD8694
AD822 AD8544 ADA4004-1
AD827 AD8551 ADA4004-2
AD847 AD8552 ADA4004-4
AD824 AD8554 ADA4075
AD8021 AD8603 ADA4091-2
AD8022 AD8607 ADA4091-4
AD8027 AD8609 ADA4665-2
AD8028 AD8605 ADA4691-2
AD8029 AD8606 ADA4691-4
AD8030 AD8608 ADA4692-2
AD8031 AD8601 ADA4692-4
AD8032 AD8602 ADA4817-1
AD8033 AD8604 ADA4817-2
AD8034 AD8610 ADA4851-1
AD8038 AD8613 ADA4851-2
AD8039 AD8617 ADA4851-4
AD8040 AD8619 ADA4857-1
AD8044 AD8615 ADA4857-2
AD8045 AD8616 ADA4891-1
AD8047 AD8618 ADA4891-2
AD8048 AD8620 ADA4891-3
AD8051 AD8622 ADA4891-4
AD8052 AD8624 ADA4898-1
AD8054 AD8627 ADA4898-2
AD8055 AD8626 ADA4899
AD8056 AD8625 OP07D
AD8057 AD8638 OP77
AD8058 AD8639 OP97
AD8061 AD8641 OP177
AD8063 AD8642 OP1177
AD8062 AD8643 OP2177
AD8065 AD8646 OP4177
AD8066 AD8647 OP193
AD8067 AD8648 OP293
AD8091 AD8655  
AD8092 AD8656  
AD8500 AD8657  
AD8502 AD8665  
AD8504 AD8666  
AD8510 AD8668  
AD8512 AD8657  
AD8513 AD8671  
AD8515 AD8672  

Included Intersil Operational Amplifiers

ISL28133 ISL28110 EL5102
ISL28136 ISL28210 EL5103
ISL28156 ISL28127 EL5131
ISL28158 ISL28227 EL5202
ISL28190 ISL28114 EL5203
ISL28290 ISL28214 EL5302
ISL28194 ISL28258 EL2045
ISL28195 ISL28414 EL2125
ISL28256 ISL28113 EL2126
ISL28325 ISL28213 EL2250
ISL28345 ISL28413 EL2450
ISL28177 ISL55001 EL8100
ISL28117 ISL55002 EL8101
ISL28217 ISL55004 EL8103
ISL28417 ISL55190 CA3140
ISL28107 EL5104 CA3240
ISL28207 EL5105 HA-5102
ISL28407 EL5204 HA-5104
ISL76627 EL5205 HA-2600
ISL28325 EL5304 HA-2620
ISL28345 EL5101 HA-2625

Included Maxim Operational Amplifiers

MAX410 ICL7612
MAX412 ICL7621
MAX414 ICL7622
MAX9945 ICL7631
LMX321 ICL7632
LMX324 ICL7641
LMX358 ICL7642

Included MicroChip Operational Amplifiers

MCP601 MCP6072 MCP6284
MCP602 MCP6074 MCP6285
MCP603 MCP6021 MCP6441
MCP604 MCP6022 MCP6442
MCP621 MCP6023 MCP6444
MCP622 MCP6024 MCP6401
MCP623 MCP6231 MCP6402
MCP624 MCP6232 MCP6404
MCP625 MCP6234 MCP6406
MCP629 MCP6241 MCP6407
MCP660 MCP6242 MCP6409
MCP661 MCP6244 MCP6L01
MCP662 MCP6271 MCP6L02
MCP663 MCP6272 MCP6L04
MCP664 MCP6273 MCP6L71
MCP665 MCP6274 MCP6L72
MCP669 MCP6275 MCP6L74
MCP6L1 MCP6281 MCP6L91
MCP6L2 MCP6282 MCP6L92
MCP6L4 MCP6283 MCP6L94
MCP6001 MCP6284 TC1029
MCP6002 MCP6285  
MCP6004 MCP6291  
MCP6051 MCP6292  
MCP6052 MCP6293  
MCP6054 MCP6294  
MCP6061 MCP6295  
MCP6062 MCP6281  
MCP6064 MCP6282  
MCP6071 MCP6283  

Included STMicroelectronics Operational Amplifiers

LMV821 TSV6292
LMV822 TSV6293
LMV823 TSV6294
LMV824 TSV6295
LMV825 TSV630
LMX321 TSV631
LMX358 TSV6390
LMX324 TSV6391
LS404 TSV851
MC1458 TSV852
MC1558 TSV854
TSV611 LMV821
TSV612 LMV822
TSV6191 LMV824
TSV6192 LMX321
TSV620 LMX358
TSV621 LMX324
TSV622 TSV911
TSV623 TSV912
TSV624 TSV914
TSV625 TSV991
TSV6290 TSV992
TSV6291 TSV994

Included Texas Instruments Operational Amplifiers

LM4562 LMV844 OPA350
LM6171 LMV851 OPA353
LM6172 LMV852 OPA355
LM6211 LMV854 OPA363
LM7301 LPC660 OPA364
LMC6484 LPV321 OPA365
LMC8101 LPV324 OPA3690
LME49710 LPV358 OPA373
LME49713 LPV511 OPA374
LME49720 LPV531 OPA376
LME49740 OPA134 OPA376-Q1
LME49990 OPA137 OPA377
LMH6609 OPA140 OPA4134
LMH6611 OPA141 OPA4140
LMH6612 OPA171 OPA4137
LMH6618 OPA188 OPA4141
LMH6619 OPA209 OPA4171
LMH6622 OPA211 OPA4180
LMH6624 OPA1662 OPA4188
LMH6626 OPA1664 OPA4209
LMH6628 OPA2134 OPA4227
LMH6629 OPA2137 OPA4228
LMH6639 OPA2140 OPA4314
LMH6642 OPA2141 OPA4322
LMH6642Q OPA2171 OPA4340
LMH6643 OPA2180 OPA4342
LMH6643Q OPA2188 OPA4343
LMH6644 OPA2209 OPA4344
LMH6645 OPA2211 OPA4345
LMH6646 OPA2227 OPA4350
LMH6647 OPA2228 OPA4353
LMH6654 OPA227 OPA4364
LMH6655 OPA228 OPA4376
LMP7701 OPA2300 OPA4377
LMP7702 OPA2301 OPA4703
LMP7704 OPA2314 OPA4704
LMP7707 OPA2320 OPA4705
LMP7708 OPA2322 OPA4727
LMP7709 OPA2340 OPA4743
LMP7711 OPA2341 OPA4820
LMP7712 OPA2342 OPA4830
LMP7715 OPA2343 OPA604
LMP7716 OPA2344 OPA627
LMP7717 OPA2345 OPA637
LMP7718 OPA2350 OPA690
LMP8671 OPA2353 OPA703
LMP8672 OPA2355 OPA704
LMP8674 OPA2363 OPA705
LMV116 OPA2364 OPA725
LMV118 OPA2365 OPA726
LMV301 OPA2373 OPA727
LMV321 OPA2374 OPA728
LMV324 OPA2376 OPA743
LMV341 OPA2377 OPA820
LMV342 OPA2604 OPA827
LMV344 OPA2652 OPA842
LMV358 OPA2690 OPA843
LMV551 OPA2703 OPA890
LMV552 OPA2704 SM72501
LMV554 OPA2705 SM73302
LMV601 OPA2725 SM73303
LMV602 OPA2726 SM73304
LMV604 OPA2727 SM73305
LMV716 OPA2743 SM73307
LMV721 OPA2822 SM73308
LMV722 OPA2830 SN10501
LMV771 OPA2889 SN10502
LMV772 OPA2890 SN10503
LMV774 OPA300 THS4211
LMV791 OPA301 THS4215
LMV792 OPA314 THS4221
LMV793 OPA320 THS4222
LMV794 OPA322 THS4225
LMV796 OPA3355 THS4226
LMV797 OPA340 THS4271
LMV831 OPA341 THS4275
LMV832 OPA342 THS4281
LMV834 OPA343 THS4304
LMV841 OPA344 THS4601
LMV842 OPA345 THS4631

Search paramters page

Selections must be made in the 4 categories that use checkboxes (Manufacturer, Package, Rail to Rail and Op Ammps per Package).

The other 7 search parameters are optional (Gain Bandwidth, Slew Rate, supply Voltage, quiescent supply current per amp, noise voltage, input offset voltage and input bias current).

op amps for active filters

Search Results page

Search results appear instantly. Data can be sorted for any column, by clicking on the column header.

op amp selector database search results