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Screen ruler

BitRule is a free screen measurement tool

It is much easier to use than other screen rulers and screen calipers.

Just click on two points on your screen, and get the horizontal, vertical and diagonal distances, as well as the angle to the horizontal.

BitRule measures in pixels, inches, centimeters and picas.

The built-in magnifier makes extremely accurate measurements possible.

To use BitRule simply:

  • click on first measurement point
  • click on second measurement point
  • that's all!

This is the main window of BitRule:

Bitrule screen ruler and caliper

BitRule is freeware.


BitRule is freeware. It is copyrighted by Charten Software and can only be downloaded from the Charten Software and Schematica Software websites.

Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2K

EXE setup file:

BitRule_Setup.exe 2.17 MB Download screen ruler

Zipped setup file:

BitRule_Setup.zip 2.14 MB Download screen ruler

Please report any dowloading problems to support@schematica.com.