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Filter Wiz PRO active filter designer

Filter Wiz Lite is a free active filter designer
- first released May 2011.

Filter Wiz Lite is the best choice when the filter specifications do not require the sophistication and advanced capabilities of Filter Wiz PRO.

The application is significantly superior to other free desktop and online calculators.


  • user-friendly interface

    - allows instant access to all completed phases of the filter design, and presents information and choices with clarity and ease of use

  • lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop filter types

    - rapidly design order 1 to 10 active filter.

  • new Antialiasing Filter design

    - design an antialiasing lowpass filter for A/D conversion

  • 5 Approximations available

    Inverse Chebyshev

  • Graphic displays include

    Gain (dB or V/V)
    Group Delay
    Step Response
    Impulse Response
    Pole-Zero Diagram

  • depending on filter type, topologies may include:

    Multiple Feedback (MFB)
    State-Variable (KHN)
    Friend's Single Amplifier Biquad (SAB)

  • export design as eSketch file

    - allows designer to optionally take advantage of Schematica's eSketch simulator for further analysis, without having to redraw schematic.

  • new Op Amp selector and Slew Rate Calculator tools

    - find suitable op amp families by sorting on GBW, slew rate or quiescent supply current. Schematica's Resistor Color Coder also included.

  • "Strategy" help windows

    - view help topics appropriate to each design phase, accessible through "Strategy" buttons. All help topics are also available through a standard help file

Click on any image to enlarge...

Main window - select the active filter type (low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop or A/D antialias)

active filter specifications

Specifications - enter the frequency and attenuation characteristics of the desired filter


Approximations - select an approximation to the ideal filter specification, using the graphical filter responses for comparison

cascade sequence

Select Topologies - select the actual circuits that will implement each stage. A number of indicators and graphs aid in the choice of circuits

select circuits

Calculate Values - the resistor and capacitor values are automatically calculated. Capacitor values can be scaled up or down, with resistor values being altered accordingly

calculate values

Response Graphs - view the simulated response curves (voltage, phase, delay) for each stage and for the whole filter. A design can be exported to eSketch.

final response

Please download Filter Wiz Lite to view the many design windows and aids.

Comparison of Filter Wiz Lite and Filter Wiz PRO:

Filter Wiz software Lite PRO
Approximations 5 21
Total Circuit Topologies 32 79
Capacitor scaling YES YES
Antialiasing lowpass filter YES YES
Export to eSketch file YES YES
E-Series resistor substitution YES YES
Internal simulator   YES
Low-Q (MCP) Approximations   YES
User-defined filter stages   YES
User-configurable pole-zero pairing   YES
User-configurable stage cascading   YES
Monte Carlo analysis   YES
Temperature Effect analysis   YES
Input impedance vs frequency   YES
Bill of Materials   YES
Quality Factor vs Order Diagram   YES
Price (USD) FREE $49

Filter Wiz Lite version 1.26 download [June 21, 2013]

Filter Wiz Lite active filter designer is free.

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2K

555 Timer PRO

EXE setup file:

FWLite_Setup.exe 7.00 MB Filter Wiz Lite active filter design

Zipped setup file:

FWLite_Setup.zip 6.97 MB Filter Wiz Lite active filter design

Please report any downloading problems to support@schematica.com.